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How It Works

:: How CCePay Works:
How CcEpay Payment Gateway Works:
Step 1: Your Customer select the product/services and add it in the shopping cart then places the order on your Merchant A/c. @ CcEpay.com
Step 2: Your Customer selects to pay via credit card / PayPal / Netbanking
Step 3: Then your Customer is redirected through CcEpay Payment Gateway to Transaction Processing Bank Secure Website.
Step 4: On Banks Website Customer enter his credit card details on Secured Payment page of the Bank.
Step 5: The Customer Credit card information is transmitted securely to the corresponding bank for approval
Step 6: Corresponding bank sends Approval / Rejection information to the transaction Processing bank.
Step 7: The result is now forwarded to CcEpay (via the Transaction Processing Bank), in return to your website Successfull / Failure Web Page.
Step 8: Customer receives a confirmation and is redirected to your Website.